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The Challenge:

In order to update the master spreadsheet, someone had to manually export data from each application. This was a repetitive daily task for at least one person at the company. Then, the manual process continued. If management wanted the insights required to reallocate resources, measure crew capacity, or to identify early signs of job site issues, they would have to manipulate the reports. That meant decisions were often made after the fact. This was beginning to impact margins and client satisfaction. The team wanted to gain greater visibility into operations and make intelligent business decisions in real time.

The Solution:

A custom warehouse was built for staging all data sources, creating a gateway for near real-time data updates from all their business applications. Then, a McGill-branded web portal was designed with data visualizations and dashboards, allowing the team to create dynamic reports for on-demand analysis of data related to resource management, accounting, crew capacity, job site updates or issues, and project profitability.

The Results:

Tim McGill, who provided direction for the project, describes the solution as a significant development for their overall business objectives, as well as day-to-day operations.
“We’ve replaced our ‘spreadsheet process’ with an easily accessible single source of truth, without having to change the way we use our other software. The depth of insight into our business has brought us into a higher level of maturity.”

Within one year of using the Scarpello Group’s solution, McGill has made several acquisitions that Tim admits would not have been possible if they had not adopted the tool. “This solution gave us the visibility into our operations that we knew was possible but couldn’t achieve on our own. And it helped us prepare for significant growth.”

McGill now has real-time visibility into all aspects of the jobs, crew, suppliers, capacity, and profitability. A single data warehouse combines data from each McGill application to provide a 360-degree view of their entire operation.

McGill Restoration is a leader in concrete restoration, repair, and construction. They deliver high-quality, long-lasting results for large-scale, complex projects throughout Nebraska and Oklahoma.


The Challenge:

Every CPA firm uses practice management software. However, all practice management software has one thing in common – they fail to provide useful reporting.

The Solution:

We have developed a turn-key solution for CPA firms called CPA G.R.A.D.ES. that gives immediate insight into their own data. CPA G.R.A.D.E.S. has been connected to various practice management platforms including: CCH Axcess, CCH Practice fx, and IRIS Practice Engine.

The Results:

Once implemented, CPA firms see an average increase in realization of 2% in just the first 6 months. Not only do they increase their realization, but their average days in A/R decreases by over a week.

The CPA partner who provided direction for the project describes CPA G.R.A.D.E.S. as a significant development for their firm, stating “the overall depth of data is miles beyond” when comparing CPA G.R.A.D.ES. to the standard dashboards available from their practice management system.

“The speed and performance of CPA G.R.A.D.E.S. allows us to find answers on the fly. For example, I can present valuable data insights to our management committee as questions arise versus taking down notes and telling the group I’ll get back to them next week.”

An unexpected benefit was having the ability to view their client portfolio from a gross profit perspective versus their traditional realization methodology. According to the CPA partner, “We can instantly compare Audit, Compilation and Review services across employees, employee groups, and office locations to better understand previously hidden opportunities to improve profitability.”

CPA G.R.A.D.E.S. allows the firm to go beyond measuring profitability on a per project or engagement basis. Now billing profitability can be analyzed per WIP activity as engagements progress. The simplicity behind implementing CPA G.R.A.D.E.S. makes the cost/benefit decision even easier. CPA firms of all sizes can gain a strategic operational advantage without having to replace their existing practice management system or disrupt how their employees operate.


Goal: Evaluate clinic performance and quality

Large healthcare organization received multiple data sources and had migrated that data into a single database, but they required a solution that could provide real-time, consolidated reporting; including financial and quality outcome analysis.

The Solution:

We worked with the client to develop a scoring methodology that was used to evaluate hundreds of clinic locations and provided statistical analysis of the results that could assist the organization’s leadership with decisions on resource allocation and process improvement.


Goal: Provide more resource transparency

This organization was given the responsibility to distribute CARES Act funding to its surrounding communities. The organization was tasked with reporting its efforts and funding results to local government and the general public.

The Solution:

We designed a dynamic BI dashboard that allows organization users to quickly access record level details to resolve application issues. Local officials and public users also have access to program efficacy using a version of the solution that protects the identities of the individuals receiving assistance from the program.


Goal: Provide more resource transparency

One of the nation’s largest school districts, like many today, is faced with a budget crisis and along with it, tough decisions. The District needed help providing transparency for everything from supplier relationships to resource spending per student.

The Solution:

We provided immediate cost savings and helped to restore confidence within the community by demonstrating how tax dollars were being stretched across the school district on a per student, per square foot basis.


Goal: Create operational and financial transparency

One of the world’s largest clinical trials companies needed improved visibility into its existing systems for hiring new staff, monitoring staff training compliance, monitoring trial operational and financial performance. Their goal was to make decisions based on data they knew existed, but couldn’t easily access.

The Solution:

We established data connections with all applications supporting Human Resources and Financials. We developed a universal dashboard that not only brought their data sources into one location, but also revealed the intricate relationships between each application. We used these relationships to develop and visualize their business “drivers” to make more informed HR and Finance decisions.


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