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Our Leadership

Ben Titus

Co-founder, Managing Partner

Combining his expertise as a finance professional, software developer, data analyst, and entrepreneur, Ben is a dynamic force in bringing creative solutions to traditionally conservative industries. As a co-founder of Scarpello Group in 2014, he has spearheaded the company’s success by developing an innovative and cost-effective data analytics and business intelligence solution for clients.

Ben’s multifaceted skill set enables him to drive transformative change in the industry while delivering exceptional value to his clients.

Jeremy Heeg

Data Engineer

Jeremy is a dynamic leader at the forefront of enabling seamless data access. With a wealth of experience spanning over 15 years, he has consistently delivered innovative engineering solutions to address a diverse range of challenges across various industries. As the head of a talented team of engineers, Jeremy is dedicated to making data easily accessible and actionable for clients.

Jeremy’s passion for robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) drives his commitment to pushing technological boundaries. He continuously explores advancements in these fields, leveraging them to enhance data accessibility and develop cutting-edge solutions.

Michael Demman

Director, Business Development

Mike leads business development efforts for the firm. With a deep understanding of the industry landscape, market trends, and customer needs, Mike’s ability to build and nurture client relationships by articulating the value proposition of business intelligence solutions, positions him as a key driver in generating growth and fostering long-term partnerships.

Jacob Gonzales

Project & Client Management

Jacob excels as a proficient Project and Client Relationship Manager, specializing in the dynamic field of business intelligence. By functioning as project champion on behalf of our clients, Jacob orchestrates seamless communication between stakeholders and our adept development team, ensuring the delivery of highly successful projects.

Miranda Maass

Sr. BI Developer

Miranda is a versatile professional, combining her expertise as an industrial engineer and data scientist to deliver impactful business intelligence solutions. With nearly a decade of experience, she has successfully developed tailored solutions for a diverse clientele. Miranda’s exceptional ability to organize data and create insightful data models allows her to effectively communicate complex information. Moreover, she excels in bridging the gap between solving business challenges and leveraging advanced data technology. Miranda’s diverse skill set and keen problem-solving abilities make her a valuable asset in driving data-driven success for her clients.

Jordyn Stover

BI Developer

With a deep understanding of data modeling, database management, and data visualization tools, Jordyn creates complex BI solutions for numerous organizations, driving informed decision-making and optimizing business processes. Her passion for uncovering actionable insights from vast datasets, combined with her strong communication skills, makes her a valuable asset in leveraging data-driven strategies for achieving organizational goals.

Genereuse Turabawe

Business Intelligence Intern

Genereuse Turabawe is a talented Business Intelligence and Analytics student working towards a Master’s degree from Creighton University. She is skilled in Python programming, data wrangling, machine learning, and database management. Genereuse is a team player who loves exploring the outdoors, and speaking French, English, and Kinyarwanda.


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