New Data Solution for CCH Axcess Firms

In the realm of CPA-specific software, revered tools like CCH Axcess (TM) have earned their stripes as exceptional systems for amassing invaluable data. Yet, amidst the ease of data entry lies a challenge in data extraction – a process that has proven to be less than fluid.

The journey from raw data to insightful analysis demands exporting reports to Excel, finessing fields to conjure the desired outcome, only to rinse and repeat at every juncture of seeking updated statistics.

Envision a bespoke dashboard, meticulously tailored to your needs, granting you the authority to witness your practice management data through a kaleidoscope of perspectives.


You have been waiting for this.

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The Scarpello Group’s Business Intelligence Solution for CCH clients is powerful, yet simple.

ROI? Increased Realization Rate by an average of 2% after just 6 months.

Setup is Quick. No implementation cost.
No long-term contracts.

Low-cost subscription • Unlimited users • Secure web access


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