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Our Leadership

Tom Scarpello

Co-founder, President


Part industrial engineer, part building contractor, part CPA, and part entrepreneur – you can call him the Tom of all Trades. His keen business eye is always ready to spot the next big thing that can save businesses money and bring it to the public. He oversees all the current and future endeavors of the Scarpello Group.

Ben Titus

Co-founder, Managing Partner

Part finance professional, part software developer, part data analyst and part entrepreneur, Ben’s unique skills bring creative solutions to traditionally conservative industries. Since co-founding Scarpello Group in 2014, Ben has led the company by developing an innovative, yet affordable data analytics and business intelligence solution for its clients and CPA partners.

Jeremy Heeg

Senior Software Developer

Part software engineer, part data scientist, and part entrepreneur, Jeremy brings over 15 years experience developing custom software for a wide range of clients. Working with big data is Jeremy’s ‘sweet spot’, but his abilities span the gap between solving business challenges and advanced technology .

Tommy Feichtinger
Business Development Executive


Part technology tinkerer, part business solutions enthusiast, and part all-around problem solver – Tommy’s skills and drive create a charismatic approach to business intelligence. He takes business “headaches” and uses approachable data solutions to transform them into the next step past your competition.


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